The greatest benefit is that the electricity consumption is very reasonable. In our Master bedroom we have 12 panels installed and they consume 1200 KW/Hr. To keep this room heated in the same manner with other electrical heaters would cost us over 3000 Kw/Hr. We are now planning to install these panels in the rest of our apartment.

Home owner, Darjeeling

Our Leh branch is at a comfortable temperature of 20C when the outside temperatures were as low as -10c

Manager , axis bank LEH

The system is working satisfactorily in our trauma care unit of district hospital Kargil. The inside temperature is at a comfortable temperature of 22c when the outside is at -23c,giving us a comfortable environment to work in.

District argil hospital
Medical superintendent

The system is energy efficient and easy to install and use.

Lt Col Sanjeev Gupta

Heco Heating system is very economical and less polluting when compared to the existing heating system in our hospital.

District Kargil hospital
Medical superintendent