Heco Lynx

The Heco Lynx series are larger panels that can be used both in commercial or residential. They are easily mounted and are plug and play. These panels have all the benefits of our Heco range, they are low energy (400Watt), efficient in heat transfer and simple to install and use.

Heco Lynx panels are great for warming up your space while looking good at the same time. They are slim and do not protrude far out of the wall. They are safe to use, and easy to maintain with no circulation of dust or allergens. These panels are frameless, metal panels that look sleek and modern adding warmth and class to your space.

Voltage 150V-230V
Energy 300-400 Watt
Input AC
Surface temperature 75-85C
Size (LxWxH) 90cmx60cmx1.2cm/th>
Weight 7.5 Kgs
Color Ivory/brown