Customized solutions

We are an emerging leader in the heat industry. Our experience and expertise in designing and manufacturing has enabled us to create solutions for various industries and applications that require efficient, economical and reliable heat. We have catered to the food industry, plantations, tea estates, extrusion plants, solar Battery banks in cold regions and other areas that require accurate climate control for spaces and other heat applications.

We have allowed large industries to benefit significantly from our technology, especially in operational costs. We have developed and designed products according to need of different industries, solutions that give our clients savings in operations, efficiency and maintenance.

We offer solutions for drying, heated cabinets, durable industrial panels for various applications, custom designs of heaters with varying watt density and temperatures.

Get in touch with our team for solutions to all your heat needs, we would be glad to provide a solution that saves you energy.

Voltage 150V-230V
Energy 300-400 Watt
Input AC
Surface temperature 75-85C
Size (LxWxH) 90cmx60cmx1.2cm/th>
Weight 7.5 Kgs
Color Ivory/brown