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Background to existing heating systems:

Heating systems prevalently available to the consumer today are either high energy electric heaters or fuel based systems like boilers that circulate hot water through radiators. These heaters have their own drawbacks in terms of efficiency, maintenance, safety, reliability and running costs.

Electric Fan heaters can be very inefficient and consume a lot of power (1500-2000Watt) furthermore they dry up the air and make it uncomfortable to use continuously. Risks of burns and fire are high with these types of heaters as they use very hot heating elements.

Fuel run heaters are cumbersome to install, high maintenance, inefficient due to heat transfer losses and are adding to the carbon footprint.

A comparison chart is available on our website for further information on existing systems.


Heco Heat:

Understanding the need for a safer more effective and efficient heating solution, Heco has designed an easy to install, modular, low energy heater for all space heating needs. Our system consists of wall mounted panels that use electricity to heat up your room. The panels manufactured by Heco are made of durable high quality steel and come in different sizes and wattages. We use a custom designed heating element in collaboration with a leading European company. These elements are designed to last for up to 25 years or longer.


How It works:

The Heco panels are installed easily along the walls of a room. The number of panels will depend on various factors like the size of room, insulation properties and outside temperatures.

The required number of panels are mounted to the walls in a given space and electrical connections are completed.

The panels work by heating up quickly to an optimum surface temperature of 75-85C.The Front surface of the panel heats up quickly and evenly. This heats the air up that comes in contact with the panel. The hot air circulates naturally without the use of fans and warms the room to a comfortable temperature. The panels design allows you to mount them in various locations throughout your space/room, resulting in uniform warmth and comfort.



Heats your room up evenly and quickly.

Comfortable temperatures even in the coldest climates (-25 to -30c)

No Fans that circulate dust and other allergens.

Heco panels do not use red hot elements that dry out air and cause discomfort.

Our range of heaters are compatible with various thermostats to give you added control and comfort.

Heco panels are very easy to clean, keeping your environment healthy and warm.

The high quality surface finish inhibits growth of mold and other harmful allergens.



The panels are made from good quality steel and are powder coated for a durable long lasting product.

The panels are slim profile and are sized to ensure maximum flexibility in mounting to your wall.

We designed our heaters to blend well with various interiors from a range of colors and custom designs, we give any interior a rich and premium feel.

The panels can be positioned either in vertical or horizontal orientation, this allows you to mount around various obstructions on walls, such as fittings, windows etc.

Installations are possible in new, existing or old buildings.

The panels are plug and play which allows users to move them or add more if more warmth is required.

Expanding to other rooms or other spaces in large buildings is easy and require no modifications to earlier installations.

Panels are modular and independent, if an individual unit malfunctions it will not affect other working panel or cause a complete system failure. Making Heco the most reliable space heating solution available.



Heco panels have no exposed heating coils that will risk severe burns or fires.

Surface temperature of the panels are low 75-85C.

Self-regulating heat element that is custom designed to maintain a constant even temperature.

There are no toxic fumes or oxygen depletion since it works on electricity.

In built temperature safety cut off in case of overheating.

High grade multi-layer electrical Insulation, CPRI tested.


Energy Efficient:

Economical Running cost with savings up to 60% compared to any other central heating solution.

Can be powered by renewable sources directly.

The ability to control individual spaces/rooms that require heating, instead of heating all areas is a benefit that gives you additional savings on running cost.

Heco panels generate heat where it is required. There are no transfer losses in pipes or ducts like boiler systems or forced air heaters.

Works on a wide range of voltages, fluctuations in voltages from unreliable power sources won’t damage panels.

We use high quality custom insulation material to focus heat into your room, reducing heat losses to the back of the panel.



Heco panels are low watt panels, a prime feature that allow users to power them from renewable sources.

Our panels accept both DC and Ac current, this feature gives users flexibility to choose any kind of renewable source.

Since the panels work both on AC or DC, usage of expensive inefficient voltage converters can be avoided when purchasing your renewable system.

Our panels can also be directly connected to a renewable source without the need for inverters or batteries. (This method provides heat only when there is sufficient power being generated by the renewable source)



Our panels come with a 2+1-year replacement warranty from date of purchase.

Replacements are quick and prompt through our network of distributors or directly from us.

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