Heco Infinity

The Heco Infinity range is designed to meet the heating needs of very cold climatic conditions. They are very low power (100 watt), compact and are designed to be installed in both large or small spaces. The panels are made from high quality steel, they are slim and finished with a smooth easy to clean powder coated surface. They are mounted along walls and have maximum flexibility in mounting. They can be mounted vertical or horizontal or a combination of both.

Heco Infinity panels are the best choice for commercial users because of their Performance, scalability, Power saving and reliability. A key feature is their compactness which allows them to be mounted in challenging interiors such as surgery rooms or other places with limited wall space. Heco Infinity panels are the choice of most of our commercial users such as hospitals, Banks, ATM’s guest houses, airports and hotels in very cold climates.

Voltage 48v-70V
Energy 60-100Watt
Input AC/DC
Surface temperature 75-85C
Size (LxWxH) 60cmx30cmx1.2cm
Weight 3.5Kgs
Color Ivory/brown