About Heco

Heco Panel manufactures wall heating panels for commercial and domestic use. Established in 2009 by the late Mr. George Jacob with its main office and factory located in Bangalore, India.

His vision was to invent a heating solution for the Northern regions which were largely using old inefficient and polluting heating technologies such as kerosene/wood heaters, large boilers and high energy consuming electrical heaters. Designing a heating system to be used in extreme environments such as -25C in a region where electric supply is inconsistent and dependent on generators was a challenge. After multiple trials in Leh with the support of various people and esteemed organizations like KREDA we made our first installation in 2010 to the Kargil hospital, a proud moment for the entire team.

The need for modern technology

With our growing experience and expertise in the field, we began to refine and develop a technology like no other in the world. Collaboration with a state of the art European company that uses patented specialized machinery, Mr. George designed a heating element that is like no other. This technology works in the most extreme of environments, designed to run off renewable sources and lasts up to 25 years.